October Morning   1 comment

By Beverly Ann Barthel

With familiar thump and urgent meow
Another  day approaches
Cozy  quilt pulled tighter
Veiling  eyes from what lies ahead
Back into my warm, safe and dark cocoon I go

Cradled in warmth …
But only for a moment more…
Meow , I hear again…
The battle of wills proceeds…
The meow is louder  now
I lose  or win
Depends on your perspective
Down goes the quilt
Exposed and cold
Robe in hand
I hasten to look out my Autumn window…
Worshipping trees bow in the wind  to their Maker
Scampering squirrels and  dancing Autumn leaves twirl in delight
And old Mr.Smith, from across the street,
Wearing his  ancient , grey sweater gets his newspaper
Just  as he has done since  the Great Depression back in  1932
The wind blows an old  baseball cap down the street
And the mystical  out door cat appears on my sill
Suddenly my heart feels warm again.
My kitty nudges for his food
And I start the water to boil
With a purr and  pot of  cinnamon tea.
It is another October morning .
I’m ready.


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Dream Catcher   Leave a comment

Dream Catcher

By Beverly Anna Barthel

An enchanting dream was captured last night
I watched it from my bed
Trapped within my dream catcher along the window sill
I could feel its uneasiness
It was tangled up in the feathers.
Made of mist and nighttime magic…
I sensed it was uncomfortable in the morning sunlight
I felt a little sad…
It was a good dream
Part of me wanted it to stay
I knew it did not belong there… in the light of day
It belonged to the night
I went over and gently set it free…
It turned into a butterfly and flew away.

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A Widow’s Kitchen   Leave a comment

By Beverlyanna Barthel

Did you ever wonder what it is like in a widow’s kitchen?
Probably not …
But I will tell you any way.
The  kitchen table stands right in the nook and under the windows
Where it has stood since the day  we first  moved here

Once upon a time  it  was  a warm  and cozy place
Full of life …  conversation,  a morning hug or two,  plans and of course …  food
Now  the  kitchen table  is a mere  catch all
For bills  and books and  old newspapers
And, of couse  the deafening  sound of silence
All of these will be pushed aside for a single place mat
Except for the deafening silence now …
That remains.

In morning …
The stove  has eggs… just  for one,  cooking
A single  cup is filled with tea
The toast gets ready to break the silence

The ghostly scent of cinnamon  fills the air

I think I feel  a touch
But only for a fleeting  moment

In the evening…

As the  golden sun light filters  in through  the kitchen  window
The bills, books and newspapers are pushed aside again
The sunlight  fashions dancing  memory shadows on the wall
They and  my memories are my frequent guests
They will join  me for dinner .

That’s how it is in a widow’s kitchen.

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The Dancing Wind   Leave a comment

By Beverlyanna Barthel

 By Beverlyanna Barthel

The wind is dancing  through the trees today
I can’t see it
But I know its there
I can feel it , the birds feel it too
It’s invisible… like  a persistant  thought
As real as a fine tuned memory that…

Tenderly caresses one’s very soul

Breathes life into a broken  heart
Wakes up trees and flowers and me
Yes, the wind is dancing through the trees today
I can’t see it
But I sure can feel it. 

Time to come alive again !

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Beyond the SIlence   1 comment

By Beverlyanna Barthel

In the very early hours

Before the break of day

When all is still and silent
Just before the sun pushes  moon away
I see you standing tall  and straight
Dazzling in the light

Beyond the silence …

I hear your voice in whispers
Deep within my heart
Your message is so clear

A dream, a thought,  a memory

Reality or fantasy
I never seem to know

But in the very early hours
Before the break of day
Beyond the silence is…
A place I long to go.  ❤

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The Music Box   Leave a comment

By Beverlyanna Barthel

Abby spotted the old music box right away
Almost as if it was calling to her from another time
She was drawn to it
The small box was on the top shelf in the Antique Store
It seemed quite lonely there
Like it  didn’t belong
Similar to  the way Abby, herself,  felt

Alone in a crowd and out of place
Yet there it was… alone too
Covered in dust
Amid  a multitude of oddly shaped glass bottles and old  pipes

That  had a strangely familiar scent of vintage tobacco
She fell in love with this box…
Love at first sight

She had to have it
Once in her hands, she felt a strange sensation

She fondled it  in a familiar  sort of way
It seemed she had seen this box before
But when?
It looked hand carved… so special… one of a kind
Abby desperately wanted to open the box but there was no key

After a moment or  two ,  she heard a man’s voice
Here, is this the key ?
I found this key shining in the window’s light
I was searching  for something that it would unlock

Let’s try…
As soon as he turned the key…
Magic seemed to fill the room and their hearts
The music box played a familiar tune  and several old letters tumbled   out
Each one said…
To Abby , with much love, Joe,
“My name is Abby”
The man said ,”You won’t believe this  but my name is Joe.”

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It’s Time   2 comments

It’s Time
By Beverlyanna
Another glorious Autumn  has bid farewell
Each golden leaf has danced its final dance in the wind
They have  twirled joyfully in the sunshine
And sparkled  and glistened with the cool and  chilly rain
Now content, they have found their  final resting place .
Some lie sleeping peacefully  under a blanket of snow
Others piled up in stashes along the city streets
The trees look  sad  and lonely now
Their branches  empty

They seem to miss their friends … the leaves.
Halloween costumes are tucked away in the shadows of closets and drawers
Content to wait till next year.

Thanksgiving wreaths and turkeys make room for Christmas wreaths and holly
Perfect pumpkins  adorning porches
Have a more important role to play

Food for hungry  crtters now

It’s time.
When Autumn bids farewell
The world once  warm and gold will now turn  cold and white
Time keeps moving on
The Pines take center stage
It’s Winter’s time to shine.

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