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By Beverly Anna

I had a strange dream last night
I was perched in the balcony of an old fashioned movie theater

I felt strange, like I didn’t belong amid those faceless people

Parodoxically, I could see myself on that filmy screen wearning my long, white, winter nightgown

Like an old time movie …everything was black and white with shades of grey
It seems , I was the main character..
Actually, the only character on screen, but one of many faceless people in the audience
I was starring in my own late night movie
Me watching me.
In the scene , I heard a strange whisper calling to me
I floated down the hall
As if by magic, I was standing before a large window

I could see far and wide
Everything out there was covered with a clean, white blanket of snow
An old shovel was perched against a snow covered tree
My stone benches were covered … struggling to be seen
It looked tranquil and very still out there
As if time had frozen
Everything was buried in the snow
And this could only happen in a dream…
I saw them
There on screen, as if a movie technician colorized only them
Were my pots of flowers randomly arranged like bold messengers of joy
They were strikingly bright against the backdrop of white snow.
Each color, bold and beautiful shouting for recognition
I opened the door
I felt compelled to touch them and so I did
They felt warm.
Suddenly, I woke up with snow on my fingertips
A dream parodox for sure.


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