Hitching a Ride on a Memory   2 comments

By Beverly anna

Hitching a Ride on a Memory

By Beverlyanna

Did you ever try to hitch a ride on a memory ?
You know…  grab hold of it  and drift to another time and place.
It is almost like trying to catch the wind.
You can feel a memory,  you can see it in a photo or  hear it  in a song

But you can’t hitch a ride and go away with it

No matter how hard you may try.
Memories are fashioned  with air  and  precious  golden threads of time
They travel  down to earth on slow moving clouds
And land right smack  in your heart
And just as you try to climb aboard
They  drift away,  far beyond the horizon to some special place

That you cannot  go to

At least not yet.


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2 responses to “Hitching a Ride on a Memory

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  1. Your most beautiful poem yet.

  2. Reblogged this on SF Bay Area.

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