Treasure Chest   Leave a comment

By Beverly Ann Barthel

Everyone has an invisible treasure chest

It lies hidden in the dusty attic of your soul.

It is covered with silvery cobwebs and fashioned  with time.

You can’t see it or touch it in the usual way
It has been there since your birth and will remain till you die
You know it’s there because you have opened it from time to time
With an invisible key that only works for you
You venture to open this

When you need to touch base with who you were to determine who you still are
On those days, your tears clear away the dust and wash away the cobwebs.
As that invisible key turns …
You have to be careful and ready for the consequences
Memories come drifting out
Sometimes flowing like a magic vapor they lovingly caress you
Other times they hit you hard like a strike from a baseball bat
Either way they are part of you and your story
When you are satiated, and remember who you were
You feel renewed  to be who you are now.
You  collect those memories one by one

Gently tuck them back inside the treasure chest and lower the lid for another day…of remembering.

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My Magic Elixir   Leave a comment

My Magic Elixir
By Beverlyanna

I suppose everyone has their elixir of choice
Coffee, wine , pot, beer , Prozac etc…harder stuff
Mine is humble, naturally sweet , easy to purchase
Mellow and magic.
Cinnamon apple tea
Nothing like it for me…
Needs absolutely nothing… but oh, is it powerful
A steaming cup scents the air with memories
It can transport me instantly to another time and place
It can make all four seasons seem like a golden Autumn morning
And make problems and miseries disappear with the steam and float away.
My daily epiphany inducer in a cup.
Worth its weight in liquid gold.
Love my cinnamon apple tea…
I could use some right now…
Ahhhh! Magic!!!
Now, I can go and take on the new day!

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Misty Summer Morning   1 comment

By Beverlyanna

Another misty, summer morning…
The air is thick with magic
Memories like a Monet
Hang in the air
The colors melting before my eyes
Dripping from the sky
Right into my heart
There is a slight scent of cinnamon
The warm mist is comforting
Like a blanket made of tears
The early morning ghosts ready themselves for this mystic morning
They join me for breakfast tea .
They are always welc0me ♥

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Regular Days   1 comment

By Beverlyanna

Regular days are like the air we breathe
or the Sun that rises every single morning
We just don’t seem to notice… that is, till they’re gone…
We hustle and bustle with our plans for the day
Taking for granted… that air and that sun… that mundane routine
Until that one day when time seems to stop
And everything changes
Suddenly the struggle for that regular day becomes a daily battle
Air is heavy and the sunlight hides behind heavy, dark cloud

Regular days are precious
They fashion one’s life with
A golden thread of gentle moments and normal routines woven together
They create the tapestry of life
Once broken, the thread takes time to mend
It is a difficult task to reconnect the severed threads together again.

I long for those regular days now vanished… forever
Those early morning yawns with my husband , sharing breakfast, making plans for the day
My tapestry is still mending… unfinished
Still a work in progress. ♥

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3 AM Again   1 comment

By Beverly Anna

Here I am again…

I have fallen out of dreamland and hit the ground …

My thoughts are racing
Memories  spill out in warm and gentle teardrops
Uncertainty prevails 
I hear the clock ticking or maybe it’s my heart
Don’t know which
It’s all the same to me
Everything seems louder at 3AM
When the world has gone to sleep
But not my mind 
It is working overtime
Life seems to be racing on by at warp speed now
I have been collecting precious memories along the way
Like the ebb and flow of the  ocean
My moods strike the shore
Leaving ripples of joy and sadness along the sands of time
Clock is ticking…Heart is too
Always on the search for that illusive PEACE. ♥

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The March of TIme   2 comments

By  Beverly anna

The march of time takes me on a journey that only I can travel
My journey is recorded

With  perfect cadence and synchronicity
With  every beat of my heart.
They carry on together…

Time, marching along, never stopping

Always  forward… never backward…
While… beat by beat , moment by moment,
My heart collects living  melodies
And tucks them away for safe keeping in the attic of my soul

Until the day the  march stops
And there are no more beats to keep track of  the time

No more melodies  to  fashion

And my life’s symphony is done.

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Hitching a Ride on a Memory   2 comments

By Beverly anna

Hitching a Ride on a Memory

By Beverlyanna

Did you ever try to hitch a ride on a memory ?
You know…  grab hold of it  and drift to another time and place.
It is almost like trying to catch the wind.
You can feel a memory,  you can see it in a photo or  hear it  in a song

But you can’t hitch a ride and go away with it

No matter how hard you may try.
Memories are fashioned  with air  and  precious  golden threads of time
They travel  down to earth on slow moving clouds
And land right smack  in your heart
And just as you try to climb aboard
They  drift away,  far beyond the horizon to some special place

That you cannot  go to

At least not yet.

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